What is Sustainable Building?

The idea of sustainable builders is nothing new to architects, engineers, and developers who have been working to create environmentally sustainable buildings for decades. Since the early 1990s, sustainable architecture has been more about using recycled resources and re-purposing land than actually designing and constructing a building using eco-friendly materials. In 2020, Cory Hannaford, who was working as a senior architect at the time, was responsible for introducing the term “sustainable building” to the architectural industry.

Sustainable Construction

In 2020, Cory Hannaford, Dan Webb, and Danny Webb launched Sierra Sustainable Builders, which is a general contracting and engineering firm based in South Lake Tahoe, California. This firm employs sustainable builders who work with contractors and engineers to help them develop environmentally sound construction projects by making use of materials that can reduce the effects of waste and pollution.

To become a Sierra Sustainable Builder, a person must first have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. After obtaining their degree, they must take an accredited four-year program on environmental science, construction management, and/or building construction and design. Once they complete their degree, they will be able to take the necessary courses needed to become certified as an engineer, structural engineer, or an architect. This type of professional must then complete a three-year Master’s degree program on sustainable construction and architecture.

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