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Hello everyone today we bring you the Open beta and cash shop review for Continent of the ninth seal also known as C9 from Webzen. We will look into a few things today, PvP, Graphics, Bosses, Cash shop and much more. Let’s hop into things then shall we?

When first starting C9 we will first notice there are four main classes, Fighter, Ranger, shaman, and witchblade but as you hit level 20 you are then open to your classes sub class giving you the option to choose which sub class you want to be also opening up a new play style and new skills giving the game more variety when making new characters. When picking a sub class you will also be given all of your earned and applied skill points back so you can place them on new skills if you wished. 

The next thing we will notice when playing is the user interface, it’s very easy to use, it’s not to larger or too small. When we first make our character and start playing you will find yourself being taught all the basic’s that you will need to know to get started in the game with tool tips, guides and easy to understand quest’s. Graphics they are what some of us call a deal breaker, it’s the thing that many gamers focus on while looking for games in videos, pictures or even just a review and C9 never once failed in the graphics department. The graphics are amazing, fresh and most importantly they give the option for both low and high graphic supported rig’s to play the game.

What about Pve? Pve in C9 is interesting, Its dungeon based but with the perfect implemented features it’s awesome for example C9 hit all of those marks when making the pve system, they have added cut scenes, special quest while entering a dungeon and most importantly having the option to go from normal difficulty to master difficulty increasing the amount of monsters, the size of the map and the amount of health the bosses have. The more party members you have while running dungeons the more health the mobs have and sometimes even increasing the amount of mobs the dungeon has with the max amount of party members being 4 at this time. Boss fights get better as you get higher level giving them more health bars also sometimes even having a second boss or a sub boss included while increasing the difficulty level of the dungeon.

What about PvP? PvP is crazy in C9 if anything it’s the best feature! PvP is available at level 20. The pvp in C9 is based on strategy and getting off a great skill combo from keeping them down to keeping them in the air doing a perfect combo is key to winning any fight in C9. What if the person has better gear or is higher level? Well with a mind of geniuses they have made it so gear stats mean nothing in pvp and the only bonuses a player gets for being higher level is that they have more skills or better skills but can still be beaten if you have the right combo down and of course they also allow you to level restrict the pvp lobby’s so only a certain level range can enter the room. In other word’s PvP in C9 is intense and when seeing the combo’s of skilled players linked together with awesome skill animation you’ll even find yourself saying “wow” and having your jaw drop.

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