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AV Systems is Your One-Stop Source for AV Equipment Rentals. AV Systems Inc. is Santa Fe’s premier source for rental of all types of presentation equipment from traditional audio-visual equipment such as overhead projectors, microphones and screens to state-of-the-art multimedia presentation systems using computers, signal processing, large screen data projectors and the Internet. Contact

AVS has been providing rental of audio-visual equipment to the many meeting and conference locations in the Santa Fe area since 1986. This experience allows us to help you define what AV equipment and support services will best meet the requirements of your meeting and make the best use of any particular meeting site in the Santa Fe area.

AV Systems provides 24/7 delivery, set up, installation and support of our equipment. All AVS technicians carry cell phones for rapid response to your needs. Our technicians have been extensively trained on the equipment we rent and have also had many hours of formal training in computer operating systems, software, networks and the Internet.

When holding a meeting, conference or event in the Santa Fe area, AV Systems is your one-stop source for rental of audio-visual equipment, sound systems, computer presentation and projection equipment, Internet and network services, office and communications equipment and complete presentation and meeting technical support.

Sound Reinforcement
Although most meeting venues in Santa Fe have built-in sound systems, when your meeting or event requires a PA or sound reinforcement system we can provide systems tailored to the size of your group and the particular meeting space. We feature Bose, JBL and Yamaha speaker systems and Shure wired and wireless microphones teamed with a variety of amplifiers, mixers and sound processors to provide just the right sound system. We also have a variety of portable sound systems for use in small venues or remote locations.

Lighting and Staging
AV Systems can provide a full range of lighting and staging support for your event or meeting at any of the facilities in the area including remote locations such as Eaves Ranch and Rancho de Las Golondrinas. Our staff and technicians are experienced in providing the necessary production support for your event including planning, logistics, talent, set-up, sound, lighting, electrical, stage props and special effects.

Video and Computer Projection Equipment
Projecting your video or computer presentation on a large screen is our specialty. We have a large inventory of video and computer projection equipment and can support all popular video and computer display standards. Our trained and experienced technicians can connect your laptop computer to any of our wide selection of computer projectors.

Multimedia Presentations
To support presenters who choose not to bring their own computers to the meeting, AV Systems provides rental of powerful PC and Mac multimedia computer systems with stereo sound, CD ROM, wireless remote controls, fast video, network and internet communications. We will configure a system to meet your specific computer presentation needs. We support the Microsoft Windows platform as well as Macintosh systems and are knowledgeable about the use of popular presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Computers and Networks
AVS provides rental and installation of computers, laser printers, color printers, monitors and related networking items such as routers, hubs and cables for local area networks. Equipment and support are also available for temporary installation of wireless LANs and wireless internet access “hotspots”. Networks of multiple computers can be set up and configured on-site for use in training classes and software demonstrations. The network can be stand alone or connected to the internet for access to on line content. AVS can also provide computers with direct wired or wireless internet access at hotels and conference centers to enable meeting attendees to check email, get conference schedules and critique conference speakers and sessions.

Office and Communications Equipment
When the management of your meeting or conference requires office and communications equipment, AV Systems can provide rental of fax machines, word processing and Internet e-mail computers, laser printers, computer networks, copiers of all sizes, two way radios and cellular telephones.

Audio and Video Conferencing
Our PolyCom audio and video conferencing equipment provides two way, world wide video communications over simple, dial-up ISDN digital telephone connections. Video conferencing can be provided at any hotel meeting room, board room, theater or conference facility where ISDN service is available. AVS also maintains a fully equipped and staffed public video conferencing suite at our offices located in mid-town Santa Fe.

Free Meeting Planning Consultation
Be sure to contact AV Systems for free assistance in planning your meeting and determining your AV equipment requirements. We have extensive experience with all of the meeting and conference spaces in the Santa Fe area and can advise you on the best ways to configure and use any of the local facilities.

Rental Terms and Conditions
Rental equipment may be delivered to a hotel meeting room or other facility or picked up at the AV Systems offices in mid-town Santa Fe. Customers must provide proof of financial responsibility in the form of a hotel master account, company purchase order or valid credit card. Customers assume full responsibility for returning rental equipment to AV Systems on time and in good working condition.

Equipment rental fees are on a per room, per day basis and include delivery of equipment to the meeting room, set up and test of equipment and removal of equipment from the meeting room at the completion of the meeting or event.

Some complex equipment types and configurations may require additional labor for installation and configuration, and may also require an in-room technician or equipment operator during the meeting in order to provide safe, reliable operation and to ensure satisfactory results.

Technicians for various specialties are available on an hourly basis at rates based on the technical specialty required and should be scheduled in advance as necessary for operation of rental equipment including data projectors, large sound systems, video cameras, video conferencing systems and other types of complex equipment.

The hotel or conference center and AV Systems are not responsible for the set-up, operation, storage or security of client owned equipment. With 24 hours advance notice, technical support is available on an hourly basis to assist in the set-up, operation and trouble-shooting of client owned equipment. Appropriate charges will be made for all cables, carts, stands and power cords required for use of customer provided equipment.

Any scheduled equipment or labor which is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice is subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Backup rental equipment may be requested and installed in a meeting room at 50% of the daily rental rate for that equipment.

All equipment rental and labor charges are subject to applicable state and local taxes and any hotel or conference center service charges. All prices and equipment offerings are subject to change without notice. Note that in New Mexico all non-profit organizations are subject to state sales tax on all services including equipment rentals.

High speed Internet access, standard telephones, telephone DID lines, ISDN lines and any additional AC power drops will be provided by the hotel or conference center and will be billed directly to the client account by the facility.

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